Tight Rope Across Manhattan

And now…Cyber Monday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and stayed WARM! It’s been really really chilly. Yesterday I took a run around Sicklerville and FROZE. The worst part for a runner is hitting a song you are just not feeling while you are running. For me..music is everything. So yesterday, I stopped and changed the music three times because I had to take my glove off. (Don’t judge)

Needless to say…I went hunting for a pre Cyber Monday deal and found a good offer (probably the best I’ve found) from Amazon if you are like me and are stopping to take your gloves off to run.


Today I’m taking the drive back to Charlotte. The ride from New Jersey to Charlotte is always an interesting one. You never know how the traffic will go and you’ll never know when you’ll get back. But after much thought on if I should skip class, I decided to be the good student and take the drive back starting at this time…5AM.

My best friend Erin sent me this during the weekend. I felt it was really relevant to what is going on in my life right now. I had the opportunity to be with friends and family and it seems everyone is going through their own change at every corner of their lives.

I think that’s what makes our lives so great. We always have to adapt to change (whether we like it or not) and it comes in little doses or big doses depending on what it is. The best thing I’ve learned talking to so many people this weekend: change is good. Even if you don’t think it is while going through it.

Have a good day! I hope you find some great Cyber Monday deals!!!


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