I Met a Guy From Boston.

I always joke about blogging about my love life. It seems to be a very interesting subject for everyone because I have…in the past…had some very unique stories (I will keep them privately for the book deal if it ever happens). But…I will share something I learned/happened to me this weekend.

I met a guy..from Boston. (I’ll pause for all of your shock)

Yes…In Charlotte. I know.

This guy was interesting and I swear it wasn’t what my friends Erin and Paige would call one of my “Jamie” moves that made this happen. But here’s the story:

We’re at Dixies. Dixies is an interesting bar in Charlotte. I’ve come to love it for it’s cheap beer and …because my Buffaloian friends can guarantee the Shout  song will be played every Friday and Saturday. Well.. Friday was an interesting night. A classic- too many martinis at dinner party night for a few ladies had them dancing on the bar. Yep.

I couldn’t believe they just got up there like that and were actually balancing themselves and not swaying. (This is when I put myself in that situation and realize I would have dislocated my thumb like .02% of the US population again but I digress…) I looked to my side and there was this guy next to me. His face said it all, he was agreeing with me that that was crazy.

I laughed and just said, “Can you believe this?”

Well..that ended up in a bunch of questions and then some bad words about the Red Sox and then a rebuttal about the Eagles and so on. This guy was SMOOTH. I’ve seen this before, but not acting on me. You’d think I would be able to handle it, but at times it was pretty shocking for myself! Needless to say, I had a good time with a guy who could handle a conversation about something more than just women on the bar dancing to their heart’s desire.

So why am I telling you this? Because it’s not a love story…sorry folks.

Because I learned something. I learned that you should do what you want to do. The next day he had texted me and we were going back and forth in normal banter and I literally said to myself, this guy is interesting, I want to hang out.

And that’s how I made a new friend from Boston.

I texted him and told him that I we should get dinner. I didn’t want a date or flowers or anything. I just enjoyed his company and took the leap that he would be okay with me asking this (because who knows what the norm is now-a-days) and he said yes.

I was afraid he was going to think of it as some kind of date, etc. But I didn’t think it like that! I went to dinner with him, we laughed the night away and had a good time. We weren’t worried about the distances that we are upcoming (He’s moving to Philadelphia and I’m moving to Austin)

A lot of people know that in the last year I have had a lot of ups and downs with being in a city by myself. But this goes to show you that you can do it. Whatever you do…whether it’s asking a guy out on a REAL date, going up to someone to make more friends, running 4 miles instead of 2…whatever it is, you can do it.

Cheers to new friends!



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