Lunch Workout and Playlists

Day 3 of my “week off”

I decided to take the morning and “sleep in” And see who was in the gym at Noon. I’ve never been to the gym at noon during a workweek and I was expecting a large crowd, but it turns out it was quiet. (Perfect for me…and my gym complex.)

This was my workout:

Warm Up: 15 Minutes of Stairmaster

Jillian Michaels Circuit #1 (You know my love for Jillian)

If you do not have these cards, go and get them. (I even provide a link here to purchase!) The only thing is, you really need to have motivation BUT you can do it. The exercises are TOUGH and you cannot give yourself rest. So put on some good tunes and get going.

Which reminds me…here was my workout playlist. (No judgement zone remember…)

Then I went through My Back Handle Workout (check it out here)

And finally, I was scheduled for sprints on the treadmill but my legs were JELLO after Jillian, so I ended up on the elliptical for 15 extra minutes.

I did this all in an hour and was back to work after! ….Did I say work? I mean…vacation work 🙂

How do you get your workout in during the day?

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