Confession/Help Wanted: Do I Need a Date for Christmas?

So you’ve seen my post on my Christmas party and my workout regime.

And I swear..ironically I received 5 invitations to other Christmas parties THAT DAY.

First Reaction: Really? What?? Everyone has it down on invitation rules. Crap…I need a dress…double crap…I need a date.

So then comes the “sink in”

Sink in: I don’t need a date, I’m just going to go. It’s no big deal. Is it?

I am very sarcastic when it comes to dating. I think it’s the only thing you can do in relationships (like friendships) including trust, etc. But you know what I mean. Especially those who understand that I could write a comedic novel about my dating and relationship section of my life.

So like I said, I’m going in between the lines of Chocolate Covered Crunches and testing the waters with some other personal things. I’m faced with a mini dilemma (its mini, I’m not freaking out here) because I now have 5 parties to go to.

I digress to ask you a simple question- do you need to bring a date to Christmas parties…what about corporate ones?

The thing is…I’m almost 25 (Yep..I said my age) and the only pressure I have is society’s pressure to bring a date. Usually, I have no problems running solo but am I the only one who’s starting to look around and not see solo women at these parties (and weddings)? Last year I had three parties, two of which I went solo (my roommate picked me up as the DD…which now that I think about it, is probably not the most exciting thing) and the third was my own. I don’t live at home (NJ) so my girlfriends are my dates.

I’m not sure what the answer is to this…especially when I am known to many of these party hosts as one of the ultimate “Independent Women” (As I say to my friends, I will also put my hand up when Single Ladies comes on) know me, I went to google.

You’d be surprised what you find:

I found a blog from a fellow blogger blogging about her Quarter Life Crisis. (How awesome is that?) and she had a few opinions. (Thanks Anchors and Freedom)

Bloggers Note: I changed some of the words so that we keep it “PG” to view the full article from Anchors and Freedom, click here. 

Option #1: Turn one of the guys you’re dating into “very serious boyfriend” STAT

Option #2: Bring a legitimate guy friend

Option #3: Bring a..ahem…friend with benefits.

Option #4: Take an Ex-boyfriend

Interesting…but what to do? It’s easy to get a dress, continue your Christmas workout regime, wrap gifts and bring a bottle of wine….but the date? Does it matter? I am hoping you all say it doesn’t because I could online imagine a Charlotte Observer Headline: “Young Professional wanting to be a CEO needs date for Christmas Party”

As my old office manager used to say, “Oh Christmas.”

Help me out here.

Ps: I really hope my mom and dad are not reading…and if they are, don’t worry, I’ll find one!

3 thoughts on “Confession/Help Wanted: Do I Need a Date for Christmas?

  1. I’m glad Google pointed you in my direction! For the record, I DID end up going alone & I had a fabulous time. Then again, I started doing tequila shots and got to work the next morning to find an egg mcmuffin and a note that said “sorry about that…” on my desk so… Something bad must have happened haha!

    Can’t wait to read more of your blog!


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