2012 Fitness Christmas Wish list

I love the holidays and I LOVE gift giving. My best friend and I call it an art. I will spend major time trying to find the perfect gift for someone. I also love convenience and finding everything I need.

Here’s my Fitness Christmas Wish list, which I hope helps you shop for your fitness lovers! Here are Stocking Stuffers, Mid Price Items, A cool gift and a pricey one! 🙂

Happy Holidays!!

Stocking Stuffers

Jillian Michaels Hot Bod in a Box

$10.17 makes it a perfect stocking stuffer. You know how much I love these cards, I use them all the time! Easy to throw in the gym bag and easy to follow!

Women’s Enduro 4 No Show Socks

(You can’t have enough of them)

These socks are great for running and are no show! (Can it be?!) They have a back ridge which helps with your achilles and guaranteed not to blister! Only $11 a pair.

Nike Sport Pack of 6 Headbands 

I have these and use two for my workout and it works heavenly! They are only $10 and a great stocking stuffer.

The Mid Price Essentials 

I am a person who likes to spend less on clothing. I know that sounds pretty ridiculous, I vote for Target and Oldnavy as great resources for fitness gear.

Oldnavy Active GoDRY Running Top

This top is dry wick and has a finger loop for hands. It’s an awesome addition for those cold runs and even perfect for those weekend errands.

Champion Women’s Long Sleeve Compression Top

A necessity in my wardrobe, these shirts are great for working out and around the house. Very comfortable and a good price too!

Brooks Sherpa 2 and 1 Shorts (For Men) 

Recommended from Runners world, these shorts are great for men. They reduce the chances of chafing and has 2 different pockets for gel or house keys!

Groovey Run Short *Bonded 

I LOVE pockets. I splurged on these shorts and LOVE them because of the pockets and the waistband. I will wear these shorts for every race I run because of its comfortable feeling and length (they aren’t too short!)

The “How Cool” Reaction 

Found this from a group in Etsy called Running on the Wall. It’s a great company providing wall murals and signs for your medals and race bibs! How Cool! Click here to purchase one for the runner on your list!

The Big Things

Garmin Forerunner 10

Recommended from Runners World, this is a perfect watch for a beginner runner who wants a Garmin. Basic features so as not to overwhelm you. Sounds perfect 🙂

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