Picture Paste and some Blogging Help

So in one of my posts on this week… I learned that all my awesome images about my holiday dresses were missing (sorry Guys..I know you were very distraught about it).

If there is one thing I look at with everything and anything (ask anyone and they would agree) it is how convenient and how fast can I do something. (I know..it’s weird) I even get competitive when it comes to reading a book…with myself. (Don’t Judge)

For the Christmas Party post, I used a copy and paste function into WordPress which looks like it will paste the image into the HTML and save it..but it doesn’t (FYI)which is why you didn’t see the fancy dresses I was showing. 🙂

So…I found a great and quick video about a program called Picture Paste. After watching it..and downloading the software, I noticed that you need to have Windows. (Ohh the transition to a Mac)

And now…back to google. I found that you can create files of screenshots and save to your desktop (which can you recyle later) and with WordPress’ 3.3 version you can drag the file to your upload and viola!

So..here’s the easy 1, 2,3 for all you bloggers:

1- Command+Shift+ 4 and then select the area you would like to paste. Then after letting go, the file is then saved to your desktop.

2- Open your blog post and click on the Insert Media Section, Drag the File to where the insert button is and “let go.”

3- The file is automatically downloaded!

And now…you can see my Christmas Party Dresses:

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