My First Austin, Texas Run

Well…sitting in the Austin Airport makes times like these a definite time to reflect. It’s something about the airport where you see the hustle and bustle of people. It’s a pretty cool site (as you all can probably attest to).
This week has been a busy one…I couldn’t describe it any other way. Austin is a really cool town who’s slogan “Keep Austin Weird” is really true to what they say.
I was able to meet the team, get out into Austin and even get a run in! Austin has tons and tons of parks and trails. It’s amazing really, even then apartment complexes upsell with their own running trails. My run was on Lady Bird Lake on Saturday Morning.
And I’m not kidding you…there were TONS of runners and walkers. I couldn’t believe it. And then there were even more kayakers, rowers and boaters. The trail was beautifully done with lots of scenery and a passing runner told me that each bridge (there are four) had a pedestrian section. It was a great site to see.
The trail I took was on Lady Bird Lake, a 4 mile run on each side of the lake that is gorgeous! They even had a community service event when I was running which happens regularly to clean up the park! It was a perfect way to enjoy my first off day in Austin. If you are visiting or live in the area and have not been down to the lake, I promise it’s worth every minute!
I will definitely be adding rowing to my list of to-dos. 🙂
On another note…
It’s overwhelming to think about change, personally for me. But if you think of it, I made a change when I decided to become healthy. When I made this decision, it wasn’t something I regretted at all because it was a good decision.
All in all, decisions are made and it’s then time to make it happen and see how the decision plays out.
“Every decision when made can be a good one or bad one, you’ll just know after you make it what it really is.”
Have a wonderful Monday!


2 thoughts on “My First Austin, Texas Run

  1. Such a fun fun place to be ! You are so fortunate to have this oppty to move to this awesome city ! As we say at my gym CHANGE IS NOW. All decisions make us become the person we are and oh we keep learning along the journey !!!


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