How Can I Schedule 20 Minutes a Day?

Good Morning!! It’s a rough morning for me because I stayed up so late watching the 121212 concert. (Who wasn’t) I hope you all enjoyed it! This is my motto today with my lack of sleep:


So..these are my rambling thoughts as coffee kicks in

Thought: I’m running around haywire. No workout time. NO!!

For everyone who has talked to me recently- they know it too. Apparently I need to move, work, buy Christmas gifts, organize for my three weeks in New Jersey, find a roommate, sublease my apartment…and have a social life.

It’s been…a bit busy to say the least.

I do feel like I blog about this a lot, but I think that it really does reflect on all of our lives in some type of fashion. It’s the question of how to get everything done with a smile and no stress in 10 hours.

I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve realized I cannot get to the gym at 6AM. I know that maybe it will change as I get older but for now I’m going to have reality set in and realize that I am not going to be one of those people. I have tried and tried, it’s just not happening.

Therefore, it comes to WHEN can you schedule a workout in.

I think that many people (myself included) think that a workout takes at least 2 hours.

15 Minutes to the Gym

5 Minutes to Warm up/Set up

40 Minutes Cardio

30 Minutes Strength

5 Minutes Cool Down

15 Minutes Back

30-60 Minutes to Shower does sound like a long time. But this is where the real work begins. It’s not about running 2 miles, pushups, etc…it’s about scheduling your workout into your day.

It really is part of my strategy to success- you NEED to schedule it in as part of your daily activities. Something which is like you showering or eating breakfast, it’s a necessity AND a reminder to you, “20 minutes a day keeps the doctor away.” I try and stay away from the gym if I can. There are TONS of things you can do to get a workout in.

So plan for 20 minutes, if you just plan for 20 then you can CROSS it off of your list! (See my thought process here?)

20 Minutes of Success:

– Climbing up and down stairs

– Running/Jogging

– Quick Strength Workout (See my countdown workout below!) you can do in your living room!

It’s super easy if you TELL YOURSELF IT’S EASY. And maybe see some really cool Pinterest motivational words..right?

Source: Uploaded by user via Michelle Groth on Pinterest




So this is my easy 1,2,3 workout plan. I always try to get 40 minutes of cardio in. (I used to do 30 and then habit came across and now I increased to 40 minutes.)

Countdown Workout- Remember these? 

Super easy- Run through each exercise 10 times, and then 9 times and then 8 times, etc.


1- Start Rough- Squats/Jumping Squats (If you feel good, go for jumping squats)

2- Keep It coming, Alternating Lunges

3- Burpies (Yea…I know, I’m not a fan either) Remember it’s jump up, jump down into a push up position and then come back up!

4- Pushups

So…get on out there and get a workout in! 20 minutes!!! 


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