How to Save Some Calories at your Holiday Party

It’s starting to really look like Christmas out there! People are hustling and bustling and moving on the roads. Last night at Solstice (local bar in Charlotte), the bar played only Christmas music and there was a TON of dancing.

An avid reader of Chocolate Covered Crunches asked for this post, the question: How do you handle all the “calories” and “stress” of the holiday party?

Preparing for the Party..

Errands- Make it a half day and get them done. 

I’m the worst at errands and expectations on time, etc. that it ends up making me go on 4-5 runs with errands. It’s one of my worst habits. I just read from The Muse that to make it successful and continue your productivity at work, school, etc. Block out a half day and GET THEM DONE!

Nothing to wear? 

I have this problem..and I forget- we have friends! If you are on a budget and can’t run to get that gorgeous dress you have been dreaming about, ASK A FRIEND!! Even a borrowed accessory can help touch up and boost your self esteem!

Thinking about that manicure or teeth whitening? 

Just do it. Like below, depriving yourself sometimes just makes you obsessed with it. If you want to get the at home teeth whitening (I did) or the manicure you’ve been looking for, think of one time where you said no, celebrate it and then go treat yourself.

Buy a bronzer with shimmer for a bit of a shine 

Hands down, bronzer just helps. I’ve never been a make up person (seriously I learn everyday) but bronzer can just boost the mood. I wear Bare Minerals and it makes me smile every time.

Get 15 minutes of walking, stepping, running in the day of. 

Even if you take the stairs in your house for 10 minutes, it will boost your mood and make you feel active especially when you slip into your holiday dress!

When you are at the party…

Try it all…but make it small. 

Depriving yourself just makes it worse and all of the sudden you aren’t concentrating on the conversation you are having but the lack of options you have that YOU have given yourself. If you want to try something, take the smallest piece and put it on your plate- and then walk away.

Walk around and socialize! 

Don’t sit down, while drinking, it will make your stomach bloat (especially beer) so be proud of those high heels and stand up with your cocktails.

It’s okay to have a piece of Chocolate. 

Have a slice of the pie or a Reese’s Cup. Like above, if you deprive yourself you will start to be the downer at the party. Take a piece and walk away.

Prepare your Ride 

Seriously…there are tons of services like Zingo or or AAA Tipsy Tow. (New Jersey actually has a service in every county!) It’s worth every penny because it’s your life.

When you get home… 

Drink a glass of water and brush your teeth. 

No matter how many cocktails you had, this will make you feel fantastic.

Go for a walk..the next morning. 

Smile and enjoy. Holiday parties are the best because they bring up a celebration of a year’s past. Go for a walk and think about it, not only with the exercise make you feel great but reliving the memories are even better.


Happy Holidays! Cheers!

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