Christmas Recap and a touch of Christmas Spirit

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas this year was a lot of fun and very relaxing. After a week of packing and visiting with friends in Charlotte, my trip to New Jersey was relaxing.  We had a great time with our holiday party (the 12th annual) and with family for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Our holiday party is dedicated to the Camden County Animal Shelter each year. I love seeing all of the donations come in every year, this year we had 50 pound bags of dog/cat food donated. It’s always a sight to see.


Christmas Party 2012

Oh..and if you were all wondering what I decided to wear…(which I know you were all on pins and needles), I found a dress at Target for $20! It was so worth the daily back exercises. Do you remember them? If not, click here.


And finally…A friend of my Dad’s sends a recap of a his family’s life every year. I’ve never met this guy but I read his letter’s every year and really enjoy them.


His final paragraph was a beautiful piece to remind others, I hope with the Christmas spirit you have this may also touch you as well.

“As I prepare this letter, I am sitting on a plane on the way back from Australia thinking about what lies ahead for us in 2013. It seems that as each year passes, we hope the next will be better than the lest. I think we have passed through an inflexion point in the economy and politics of the USA, and possible the world. I cant help thinking about the very simple book I read about ten years ago called Who Moved My Cheese. We keep hoping that the cheese (economy) will return; or we can accept that it will not and more on and find new cheese…Despite all of these issues, this is a time to remember the generous gifts God has given us and to extend a helping hand to those who need encouragement or more. It is through an act of giving of ourselves that allows the spirit of Christmas to come alive in our hearts. It brings a sense of humanity that distances itself through text messages, emails and other “life enhancing technology. We only get a chance to live in this moment in time once; our children, the actions we take, and those we help on this journey are building the legacy we leave this world. Make it one you will be proud of and build it every day.”  

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