Tips to Drinking Low Cal and Classy on NYE


New Year’s has always been an interesting holiday for me. Ever since moving to Charlotte, I would balance where I would go for the holiday. Recently, I have had the gift of a week off between Christmas and New Year’s which has given me the ability to stay in home.

Here are 5 Drinking tips to kicking off the New Year; keeping it classy and low calorie

1- We All Love Champagne, but make sure you know…it’s a calorie loader.

Champagne can run up to 250 calories per 6 ounce. Take your Champagne at midnight to celebrate, but don’t ask for more. It brings headaches and more calories.

2- There is no need to go shot after shot after shot.

Okay, some may not agree with this but I believe New Year’s is a time for celebration and fun, not drunken college years. Taking a shot (definitely!) but not one every half hour.

3- To become drunk…is really necessary?

They say that more than one drink per hour will then make a person drunk. Pay attention to your drink intake and don’t worry about “catching up” to others.

4- H2o

It’s important to be hydrated not just for your night but for the next day. Drinking a small amount of water between a few drinks will help to keep you shining and polished.

5- Food

Yep…having some fat in your schedule before heading out to the town will help you keep your balance. Carbs maintain your blood sugar for hours to come but this doesn’t mean a lot of carbs! Balance your meal with a small piece of steak or pizza and you’ll be good to go!


Choose some of your drinks smartly. Substitute some of the basic drinks with a good combinations to enjoy your night.


Instead of a margarita- try a high end tequila (double) with a few limes and soda water to sip.

Instead of a Cosmopolitan- try a Raspberry infused vodka with lime and soda water

Provided by Sparkpeople

Drink Serving Size Calories
Red wine 5 oz. 100
White wine 5 oz. 100
Champagne 5 oz. 130
Light beer 12 oz. 105
Regular beer 12 oz. 140
Dark beer 12 oz. 170
Cosmopolitan 3 oz. 165
Martini 3 oz. 205
Long Island iced tea 8 oz. 400
Gin & Tonic 8 oz. 175
Rum & Soda 8 oz. 180
Margarita 8 oz. 200
Whiskey Sour 4 oz. 200

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Tips to Drinking Low Cal and Classy on NYE

  1. So, you are saying when I would have a pitcher of long island ice teas for $6 in college… that was over doing it? no wonder the freshman 15 came around senior year!


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