A Tribute to 2012- Chocolate Covered Crunches Fun Posts

Ever run through the Facebook feature recapping your 2012 year? It’s a great feature to remind you of what has happened this year (if you are an active Facebook user). The end of the year, if you think about it, is just another day considering the calendar. However we have this focus of reflection when it comes to the last few days.

It CAN be fun! I’ve gotten a bit here and there when it comes to Chocolate Covered Crunches in 2012. I can say that it has been such a fun experience to reflect and blog on life and a healthy lifestyle. Thank you to all of you who have read this year. Your support is the success of this little section of the internet.

Here are my top Posts of the year:

  1. Find your Greatness
  2. Michael Phelps, No limits
  3. Roasted Zucchini Low Carb Lasagna 
  4. All I want is a Skinny Waistline
  5. Plank Jacks
  6. The Purple Stride 5k, Charlotte Edition
  7. Iced Coffee, Calorie Killer?

Here are my favorite/fun posts that I loved to write and do. Some are more funny than anything else, but each one has a special touch to it.

  1. All I want is a Skinny Waistline 
  2. Short Shorts Syndrome
  3. 2012 Christmas Fitness Wish List 
  4. Texas won..Jamie None. 
  5. Introducing Matt Newsom 
  6. The Water Challenge
  7. A Grateful 3.5 Miles 
  8. Smile Because it Happened- Last Day of A Chapter

Thank you for reading, cheering, supporting, suggesting, laughing and contributing. Here’s to 2013!


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