2013 Resolutions and the Blunt Truth about the 2012 Ones

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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Mine was spent in Philadelphia with friends and then with my family in Margate for the Polar Bear  Plunge. (Yes, my Dad, brother, uncle and a family friend dove into water at a chilling 37 degrees for 2013)

IMG_1200 IMG_1192New Years Eve 2012-1

So the flood gates have opened with the internet and news and programming talking about resolutions. I’m sorry to say, I’m joining them. (This is because this is why Chocolate Covered Crunches started!)

So last year I wrote a post about my Chocolate Covered Crunches 2012 Resolutions. I realized then that they were very unrealistic and unfortunately, I didn’t really hit any of these goals but I have a strong opinion on facing the facts.

2012 Chocolate Covered Crunches Resolutions/Goals and their results:

1- 500 views on one post — My biggest was 176– here:
2- 150 subscribers — I’m up to 83 on Facebook!
3- Host a virtual 5K — Maybe this year
4- Declare health from it’s viewers — I am proud to say that I have received great feedback from readers and how they have made some changes, including the Water Challenge. I call this one a success.
5- CCC to help viewers lose 100 pounds this year! — I didn’t get this one, I feel it probably needed some organization.

2013 Chocolate Covered Crunches Resolutions 

1- Post my workouts with pictures (Coming soon, the at home workout series)

2- Move Chocolate Covered Crunches to it’s own home (Love you WordPress, but I’m ready for running plans and workout plans for readers)

3- Just continue forward, blogging. I have learned that blogging is something I absolutely love. I love sharing and posting but also notice that I love to think about what to blog about.

4- More viewership. I’m determined.

My 2012 (Personal) Resolutions

Last year my resolution/goal was to read a book a month. I got to June and then fell through during the summer. I am bummed about it, but with the events of the summer and fall, I’m okay with it.

I REALLY want to start up my “Read a book a month” resolution again, but I know through planning with the marathon training, new job, moving and acclimating to a new place will just make this resolution a burden and something I would not appreciate as a resolution.

My 2013  Resolutions 

Respond to everyone who emails/texts (especially text messages) – I’m terrible at this and need to do better. So this is what I will be doing

Get a better core– I hate ab exercises and working my core. It’s terrible. This year i’m determined to get a stronger core for my health.

Get Confidence – This is a serious one and sounds very generic, but bare with me. During my last few weeks at my last job and throughout this past month I have learned that confidence is something I do not have (through feedback and conversations). I’m not sure how yet I’m going to tackle this but my resolution is to work on it. Working on it is better than just letting it.

So there you have it, it’s written down! Just as I mentioned, writing down makes it official. Write it down and get started!!

What are your resolutions this year?

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