At Home Circuit Workout Plan #1

So my brother taught me photoshop….and I’m excited. I have been dying to show some of my workouts and now that I am gymless, I really have been working hard to keep up in the house (since it’s freezing outside). Hence, circuit workouts and Pumps and Iron.

I’m totally inspired by Pumps and Iron and her work. She kicks some serious butt at blogging and fitness. Hence my first at home workout. 🙂

Use a circuit counter with 30 circuits at 30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.

CCC At Home Workout1

Jumping Jacks- pretty simple; and I apologize for the picture

Frog Jumps- Jump down in squat position (like a frog), jump forward and squat into frog position. For small spaces, jump back and forth (helps work the glutes!)

Star Lunges- Start in a forward facing position, lunge forward, then to the side 30 degrees, then another 30 until you are 90 degrees (to the side for a side lunge). This would be three lunges on the same side and then switch.

Crab Crosses- Get into crab position and lift up, then reach your right hand towards your left leg and then rotate (WHEW!)

Ab Scissors (or Bicycles)-  Most Often known as Bicycles, legs up in 90 degree position and cycle back and forth.

Happy Home Workout!! And thank you to Pumps and Iron for the inspiration!!

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