The 1,600 Mile Road Trip

So I’m alive and…in Austin!

I can’t help myself to go through the amazing weekend of friendship and emotion I had so please don’t mind this post. Tomorrow, we’ll be back with the start of marathon training and some healthy tips too.

We were going 1,600 miles through the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, (DC), Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas in a Nissan Versa with my dog Phineas.


So we started our trek at 4AM and moved forward. It was an emotional journey for sure, I felt like I was leaving a place of comfort and security to head to something so unknown and new. Once we got to Virginia (and only was lost once) we started the singing and laughing. The 13 hours definitely got to us. We landed in Nashville and like robots got ready to get something to eat…and maybe a few drinks as well. 🙂



We headed out to Broad Street in Nashville. What an awesome place. Broad street historically is a place where the country singers go to get noticed. It’s full of bars on each side of the street…and Elvis too. We had dinner at the Hard Rock and enjoyed a cocktail at a blue grass bar. Again…another night of laughs.


And here comes 6AM. We got on the road again and headed through the end of Tennessee, ALL of Arkansas and then Texas. Oh Texas. FYI….when you go through the border of Texas (which includes a huge water tower called Texarkana)  you still have a 5 hour drive to Austin. Needless to say it was a rough 5 hours but…we got to Austin!




What I’ve learned/experienced?

Friendship is a base to happiness. We are all wrapped up in technology, answering email, posting pictures to Instagram, making sure we’re healthy, getting workouts in, etc. that sometimes we realize that the base of what we are and how we are happy is the 1,600 miles in a small Nissan Versa can do for us.

I cannot be more grateful to my friends (and family) for taking the journey and the weekend together. To start Austin with such a bang is such a rewarding and cherished time.

See you all tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “The 1,600 Mile Road Trip

  1. That looks like an amazing trip. And Texarkana as I’m sure you know is a city, not just a water tower ;0) It exists in 2 states and has 2 Mayors but yep, a real city! Austin is a neat city, ‘hope you’re enjoying living here 🙂


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