January Fitness Playlist

So I’m pretty late on this but I started my training for the Nike Women’s Half in Washington DC! And I’ve gotten back on track with working out. It’s been a really great week for me (and it doesn’t help that JT came out with a new song)!

I’ve gotten a few questions about my running playlist and for a while I was very hesitant to share as my choice of music some people laugh at. But then, I saw a guy running on Sunday morning who was JAMMING to some Aerosmith (it didn’t help that his head phones were the size of ear muffs). I realized that running music is what YOU want to listen to. I get alot of suggestions from other blogs, etc. on running music so  figured I would join the club:

Here’s my January top 5:

  • JT/Jay Z= Suit & Tie (I’m in love.)
  • Britney Spears/ Will I.Am.= Scream and Shout
  • Kylie Minogue= Get out of my way
  • Alicia Keys= Girl on Fire
  • Dont You Worry Child= Swedish House Mafia

Here’s my current playlist:

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 8.35.35 PM

Happy Listening!


One thought on “January Fitness Playlist

  1. I am not surprised Love Shack is on this list. My playlist is a very strange mix of high tempo songs from Skrillex- Bangarang to Metallica- Fuel to Call me Maybe haha. To each his own:)


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