A Bad Run…and a Few More

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m pretty stoked that I’m running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon  in DC with some lovely ladies and great friends. I’m literally chomping at the bit…with nerves.

All that being said, one of my team members was talking about running today and it inspired me. He explained that he had had some serious injuries (double knee surgery) after finishing his marathon and that he was getting back on the horse. He said the following: “It’s just so refreshing to see that if you put your mind to it, you can and WILL do what you are achieving.”

I guess normally, everyone would say that, but this reminder is something that we need to hear more often.

And back to my terrible runs..

Yep, I’ve been having terrible runs. Erin says its because of the change (I am currently still trying to wrap my head around how to make my hair look somewhat okay) and probably a lot because of the wonderful air mattress I’ve been sleeping on but no matter, these runs have really been affecting me.  Even to the point that I started a My Fitness Pal account to watch my calories (which I haven’t done in years). I couldn’t understand my psychology and it was really bothering me. I just wanted to run harder and I couldn’t. Ever had that feeling?

I guess this is just a normal cycle that happens often. I’ve read a few running blogs and weight loss blogs and they call it the famous “plateau.” I’m going to call mine the mental plateau for sanity.

Today was a better day, I ran a beautiful course on Town Lake because it was 82 degrees outside. It was a wonderful run and reminded me again that there will always be bad training runs.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 9.57.21 PM

All the while, I realized that even with a few bad training runs, my team member and Erin are right. You’re always going to have bad days. It’s normal.

Count your blessings.

And work your ass off.

And it will become true.

One thought on “A Bad Run…and a Few More

  1. I wish I could start my training outside, but between asthma and it being 20 degrees outside I think I’m going to be buddies with the treadmill for the begining of this training season. Hopefully this won’t be the death of me. I don’t think I can possibly run worse than the last half marathon when i didn’t train at all. All downhill from there I guess. Thanks for the constant inspiration, Jamie!


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