10 Social Media Tips I’ve Learned

So it’s been a crazy week. (I know I say this every week)

I’m trying to dive into being a manager, training for a marathon, working on my confidence and doing a kick ass/awesome/work hard/mission crazy job…and move into my new place soon. It’s been a bit busy but I LOVE IT.

There is one thing I’ve been really struggling with at CCC (other than keeping my posts timely) and that’s this social media concept with networks and medias and people, likes, tweets, etc.  I am in no way an expert in social media but I do believe I understand the concepts on how to run social media with a brand. Here’s what I’ve learned since starting up with social media here on Chocolate Covered Crunches:

1- Social Media ALWAYS is changing.

2- There is never a correct answer.

3- If there is anything I have learned, listen to your customers. Top priority and the most important.

4- I still do not understand why people think you have to have a follow to follow ratio. How do people get more followers without following others?

5- Try other things and be innovative.

6- (Something I have to remind myself about)…Have fun with it while challenging yourself others.

7- Google+ is the next thing, I really do believe this.

8- Instagram too. Email me if you want to hear our story.

9- Think about your mission first and foremost and then take the WHAT the social media is and create a strategy on WHAT you will be social about. (Helped me tremendously)

10- Be on it. No matter what, if you are a blogger, business, company..it’s a new expectation.

No matter, I think one this is true about ANYTHING you do whether you are struggling with social media or running a mile:

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