10 Carefree Lessons to Enjoy

Happy Tuesday and Happy Birthday to Erin and Melissa! Oh..and Happy Mardi Gras 🙂

Today is a day! It’s a celebratory day and a day to have fun. It reminds me of the many times I haven’t had fun because I’ve taken life too seriously. (yes..this is true). Here are my top 10 reasons why you (and myself) should remember not to take life too seriously. Note: I have written these down from different scenarios, they aren’t random and they are all because of stress that I have had! Although I recommend to always work hard, it’s important to remember to not get stuck in the middle of things and ENJOY LIFE.

10. A pair of sneakers is always better than no pair. Just like a pair of shoes, enjoy them.

9. Sometimes…getting to the gym is impossible in your schedule. Focus on getting your things done and make a point to schedule a workout tomorrow.

8. There will be a cheat day in your life. Enjoy them.

7. Being bad is not have A french fry. Being bad is not exercising. Being bad is getting arrested.

6. Don’t forget your support system and USE THEM. They are there for you because they love you.

5. Remember there is always wine 🙂

4.  Work will always be there. If you need to do something important your manager will understand.

3. Fresh air and a 5 minute walk can give you a breakthrough.

2. Family first. They make life.

1. There is always something that is worse. What goes down must come up. Remember that.

Happy Tuesday!


Source: via Macey on Pinterest

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