Training Update and Long Run Tips

With the Garmin watch I have seen big improvements in my training. Honestly, I turned the pace calculator off because I was having terrible runs (literally a mind game between myself and the watch) and now I’ve been running left and right.


My long runs have been a little rough (see below), but I think that it’s because it’s just high mileage. The one thing I have loved is getting excited about my long runs and a goal.

I know that a lot of non-runners cannot stand running because they think of it as crazy but honestly, it’s something that keeps you going. You know the minute you sign up for a challenge, you are set to do it (which is why I agree putting money into race registrations).

This is all to say that having a goal is pretty awesome. It’s amazing to see the progress that you make and the feeling after the goal is achieved. That’s what running is for me. It’s not about the race, per say, it’s about the training up to it. You have to push yourself to get your runs in, your ab workouts and keep a balanced diet so that when it comes to race day you will succeed. That’s what it’s all about. And my paragraph on how much I’ve been loving my long runs. 🙂

Some of the things that make my long runs successful:

  1. Coffee- Sounds crazy, but I have to have it before my long run. It’s probably a mental thing…but it gets me through
  2. Good Workout Clothes- you know what I am talking about. You have your casual ones and then the ones you USE and are perfect for you. No matter what, train in them. It’s important for your training!
  3. Music- Oh music. I’m particular about my music but it gets me going and keeps me occupied
  4. A plan- Go with a plan…that’s important. I’ve been running in Austin now during my long runs and have been running in the city. It’s not the best place to run with all of the cars, streets, etc. but the landmarks give me mileage counts and I know that I need to get to one landmark before I can turn around.

How is training going for your Spring Marathons? Here’s Mine from last week:

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