The Story of Scott Harrison

So here’s a confession.

This past week I was completely let down with a business idea I had. One of the things I have been extremely excited about is coming to Austin to get some experience with start up ventures and entrepreneurs. They are EVERYWHERE in Austin, so I knew it would be a great opportunity.

Since moving, I have been ecstatic about meeting new entrepreneurs and getting their feedback. I’ve been to some really cool seminars and even a few bootcamps.

It was then that I knew my next action. I had to get some input on the project and how to get it started.

In a long story short, I learned that the venture is a difficult one. One that is not just hard to start but even harder to finance in the current economic era we are in.

This felt like a bird that had her wings clipped. Ouch.

Ever since receiving the report and qualitative feedback, I have been down in the dumps about the idea. It’s hard to see your dream have to wait or even more your dream end because of things that happen.

It was then that I read the story (again) of Scott Harrison.


Scott Harrison was a nightclub promoter in NYC when he realized he was extremely unhappy. He decided to leave his apartment and NYC and volunteer in Liberia for 18 months as a volunteer photo journalist. With many experiences abroad, Scott came back to the USA and used his 31st birthday to start funding the Charity Water mission. Charity Water has now helped 3,200,000 million people around the world receive clean water.

Read the full story from Scott here.

It’s within you to keep the fight, as Scott did in his journey to help others to have something so simple like clean water. To keep moving and be the best you can be for YOU and the community. Don’t forget to keep pushing. Because if you keep pushing it will ultimately not just help you but will help others as well.

I am reminding myself of that, I hope it can help you in whatever your venture is as well!

What keeps you going?

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