Charity Miles- The best fitness app out.

Last week I gave you some feedback on the Nike Training Club App. After that, I noticed I had a lot of fitness apps on my phone! As a self proclaimed fitness techie, I feel it my obligation to share another one of my favorites. 🙂

Here’s another one I really like:

Charity Miles 

All of us runners like to run for charity (probably the one of the large reasons why we enter so many races!) so how about training and charity too?!

You choose the charity- you run- and your miles are donated to the charity! It’s about $.25 a mile for every mile you run. How great is that?! There are usually 9-10 charities to choose from, all reputable! The app is simple to use. AND you can also WALK, it’s not just for runners! Woohoo!




The only small issue I see is that it doesn’t really work with a Garmin or MapMyFitness…I think that they will get there, but buyer beware if you are training, it’s not the best app.

From Mashable,

The company is self funding the initial $1 million covering the app’s first users. The company hopes to gain as many athletes on the platform as possible, to entice future corporate sponsors. By sponsoring users’ runs and rides, the corporations have a unique way to connect with consumers. Users must share their activity on Facebook and Twitter in order for charities to receive donations.

Charities Available on the app!

Try it out! Download it here and tell me what you think!

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