How I manage Time

The number one question I’ve received recently is about time management. I think it’s because I’m constantly discussing something with someone (I don’t know what quiet means).
I do know one thing. I’m not a super hero and have definitely have breakdowns (ask my friends) but its been a request I’ve received for CCC so here’s my “how-to” on many projects.
First- here’s what I’m up to currently:
Shoutz is my full time job. Love it, but it certainly is full time. It’s also my first priority. (Phin has to eat)
Then..(in no order)
Exercise- I would be miserable without it
New business ideas
Meeting new people/my social life
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Sponsorship Chair
Learning how to code
Here is how I do it:
1- Exercise is a meeting. I consider it this and act on it. When I know there is a day that’s full, I don’t focus on the absence of exercise. It’s just an appointment I can’t fit in and make sure it’s scheduled for the next day
2- I schedule TV. It’s a time sucker. I watch my shows (on my calendar) and then turn it off after. It makes a Saturday morning “trash TV hour” glorious. Try it!
3- Find your productive time and block it for work. Don’t schedule a meeting..this is your time to shine!
4- This isn’t really what I’m up to but a good example- I schedule tweets and posts. got me. It’s because that’s how I manage to get it all in! Additionally, I take time to multi-task. Example: I’m currently writing this post while I am taking my afternoon walk around the office to get my steps in.
5- Sleep- I need 7 hours to be productive. So I get 7 hours every night. Sleep is critical for success and health. You’ll be dragging through your list if you don’t.
6- Purchase for quality- I’m learning how to code from TeamTreehouse. Many of my friends roll their eyes when they  hear this from me, but it’s a goal and I want to complete it. Therefore, I put my money where my mouth is and bought a subscription to Team Treehouse. The best part about this type of learning is that you continue to pay until you finish (for goal oriented people)- therefore I want to finish quickly!
So there it is…nothing fancy. Maybe blogging while walking… but we won’t go there 🙂
What do you do to manage time?

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