What I’ve learned this week: Amazon Fresh, Vine, Tumblr and Treehouse

I’m a huge fan of reading, blogging and learning. I’ve even started a new routine every morning to keep up with all of the information over the internet through some of the major blogs (Lifehacker, Mashable, BI, etc.)

Here are some of the fun things that I’ve been doing/reading this week:

1- Amazon Fresh 

Amazon Fresh has launched in LA (quietly) and is looking to spread like wildfire. I am counting down the days until they choose Austin as their next city. Amazon Fresh started in Seattle as a delivery service for groceries

2- Hail to the iPhone at a 39.2% OEM. Impressive. 

Still number one.

3- Running in Heat is going to drive me mad. 

I’m trying to get my body acclimated to this heat and it’s just not working. After a bunch of 2 milers and a few 3 milers, I’m still huffing and puffing and stopping at each mile. I can’t tell if it’s mental or just that I am completely tired. Any advice is very much appreciated.

4- I love learning and have found Team Treehouse

I found Team Treehouse through my favorite blog the Art of Ass Kicking. He is learning how to code in Ruby Rails. He’s so motivational and literally tells you, you could  code in Ruby Rails too. So…I’m taking it slow and started the HTML and CSS courses. AND I LOVE IT. I enjoy it and the satisfying course completion principles they use. They can literally get you coding a website in a day if you would like. It’s amazing. (More to come on Treehouse)

5- I have found Tumblr. 

Yes, I know I am late. But it’s only because of my love for Leanin.org They started a campaign on Tumblr asking all to tell them what you would do if you were not afraid. I have been loving all of the posts. Then started diving into Tumblr and realize how creative this place can be. It’s worth 10 minutes (ahem…one hour of your time)

6- And I discovered Vine

Holy Crap! Vine is insane and SO cool. Just amazingly cool. After we switched gears here at Shoutz, Inc. I figured I would stay away from Vine for a bit. A friend then told me to just go and see her vine. It then turned into a Saturday morning activity and even that night we “vined” together. Such impressive technology and so entertaining. They just need to start creating some filters so I do not feel like I’m invading into young teen’s vines all the time!

That’s it for now..

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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