The Big..(Gulp)…Marathon in Memory of Mary.

Every time I go for a run, I look down at my shoes and see the color of purple under the dust. The color purple means alot to many people. To me, it means the color of my aunt.

My aunt, passed away this past March from Pancreatic Cancer. Her fight was remarkable, heroic and downright amazing. We miss her terribly and I pray everyday she is watching down on us finally in peace and not fighting any more.

Her fight is just one of many with this horrible cancer. As our family supported Mary, I learned a lot about Pancreatic Cancer. It’s the fourth most common cancer in the US, eighth worldwide. Currently, the 5 year survival rate is only 15% (all stages) and sadly the average survival rate once diagnosed is only 6-10 months. Pancreatic Cancer is a monster, one that needs to be made more aware and focused on throughout the country.

She would not be happy with this post being so somber!

So here’s the point: I’m running my first full marathon with my family and team, the Purple Rabbits and Project Purple. We are running the Marine Core Marathon in Washington DC. (Yes- I know!!)

I’m going to be taking inspiration from Matt Newsom and my runner friends, I’m going to commit to it. I’m excited, scared, nervous, honored and all of the emotions more. More importantly, I’m looking forward to sharing this training with you via Chocolate Covered Crunches. (Hopefully I won’t bore you)

It will be difficult as a single, young female to make a commitment to something that doesn’t include heels and dancing (most of the time), but it’s a commitment I am making for my aunt. My inspiration and why I run. 

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all. Tomorrow starts training!


PS: For more information on Project Purple and our team, the Purple Rabbits please click here. For information about Pancreatic Cancer, please click here.

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