Weekend Running and Time away from the Computer

Usually my weekends are filled with more to-do’s and time spent in front of the computer. It’s probably because I have so many projects I’m juggling which involve a computer, which I don’t mind, but sometimes I realize you need a break.

This weekend my wonderful neighbor and my two wonderful roommates/friends decided I was going to stay off a computer. And I did!

Saturday, my day started with a wonderful run. One of those runs where I just kept going. My garmin kept telling me I was slow but…I ignored it. It was wonderful. And then some time on Lake Travis. Just like Charlotte, Austinites love their lakes. And honestly…I’m thinking I’m turning into a lake girl myself.

It’s always important to take a break. I think back to the days when I would work tirelessly all day and into the night. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have those days. However, I’ve realized that some down time is important and necessary for health. (as well as sleep, which I truly accredit to my sanity :))


Lake Travis
Lake Travis

I hope you all had a nice weekend, as you can see, I did! It makes a Monday much better!

Have a good week everyone-


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