5 Things I’ve learned these past 3 months.

This past weekend Erin and Maggie (the two best friends I have living with me right now. It’s fun having roommates) told me to blog again. Well. They asked why I haven’t which made me realize how much I miss it.

I found this roommate interrogation funny because I was speaking with a different friend this weekend and I told him to not to pressure or force himself to do the things he loves because, well lets face it, it would take the fun out of everything and  he  wouldn’t  love  what he does anymore.

Wow…taste of my own medicine right?

Well…that’s why I’m here again. I missed blogging. I could say that these past three months have been a wild ride, but that would be obvious. I could say that summer has slipped away and I’m quietly tearing up because of the lack of sun I’ve had..but, on to better things.

So today, sitting here at my desk in Austin with my Charlotte coffee cup, here’s 5 things I’ve learned these past few months:

1– Don’t deprive yourself of something you love. (ahem…wine and coffee.) Yes, I love these two things and can you believe I was actually cutting myself off? Here’s the thing, I eat my vegetables and probably too much fruit so why would I cut wine and coffee?? Being healthy is important, but cutting yourself off from something you enjoy just makes things not fun anymore.

2- Manicures are necessary. I know. I’m being a total girl but being a manager and  essentially the face of my company has taught me that this is important. When you have knowledge and confidence the manicure shouldn’t matter. BUT I’ve learned that manicures boost my confidence in meetings. I’ve had a bunch of crazy meetings with high-pressured accounts, etc and it was nice to know that even my fingers looked the part!

Note: I do them myself to save money…this is not an endorsement to go and spend $25 dollars every week for a hand massage.

3-Home is Home. Don’t forget it, but branch out. Everyone knows it’s hard when you leave your home (I’ve now left home twice)  You have all of these new surroundings and you get sensory overload. The good news is, you can always go home,  the thing to ask is… would you regret it?

4- Expensive Sports bras are here for a reason.…marathon training. (Sorry again for the gender specific comment, but guys- take note for gifts in the future! :))

5- When you commit to something, it’s a commitment. I’ve been really struggling with this one until my dear friend Kristen came down to visit. I had a long run scheduled for the morning after they arrived and I was not happy to deprive myself of a few cocktails to celebrate them being in Texas. It was Kristen  who reminded me that commitment is  a hard battle.  Dedicating yourself to something and sticking to a plan regardless of the temptation to give up is a struggle, but a worthy struggle and definitely one that I will be glad to say I overcame. This training has been absolutely NOT fun for me, but every time I’m finished with a long run, I remember what she said. So thanks Kristen 😉

Bonus! Some other things I’ve learned now that you’ve scrolled all the way down:

  • Sunscreen is important. PLEASE be safe.
  • Organization is key to a professional career, get on the bandwagon.
  • Drinking water helps your skin, drink a bottle a day and you’ll see how far it will go.
  • Ab class still sucks.
  • Prioritization is a skill that can be learned.
  • Learning code is not hard and everyone should try it.
  • Books will always live on.
  • Justin Timberlake will always be the man.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no.

Hope all is well in the blog world. 

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