Finally found: a pre-run meal

If you live in my house, you would probably laugh at this post because you’ve heard all about it daily. My troubles with pre-run meals.

Ever since I started marathon training (2 months ago, today), I have been really struggling with the nutrition aspect of running.

26 miles is a long time and this also means you need lots of energy to finish the race.

Erin helped me with some suggestions on different pre-run meals.

Previous pre-run meal: Wheat Toast with Peanut Butter (Skippy or JIF, sorry, I know there are preservatives in it, but my stomach will not take the organic peanut butter)

Now: Half of a Chocolate Protein Shake (Ensure) and a banana


What happened?

I ran 10:30’s all the way until my 10th mile without any additional supplements to help me on my way!

What I learned?

It’s an experiment. I had been reading so much about what to eat before runs, etc. and could not figure it out. I highly recommend talking it out with a friend or running buddy. If you don’t have any experienced runners, try your local running store. They all have their different techniques, but listening to the options is very helpful.

To be continued…

As you can tell by Erin’s Instagram, I did have a rough run. I’m currently learning how to fuel during long runs now!  (Thanks for Erin for posting this terrible picture, at least I finished the run!)


3 thoughts on “Finally found: a pre-run meal

  1. quick tip… sign up for a 5k or 10k as a training run. A lot of them give out racing fuel now. That’s how I learned which ones I liked/didn’t like 🙂 It was hard for me too (in half the distance!) and I’ve never been one to have stomach issues


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