A Dairy Queen Good Deed

Happy Friday!!

It’s raining here in Austin. It’s a very odd thing to hear the rain on the windows at the office, but it’s raining! I’ve learned to appreciate rain as I don’t see it often now here in Texas, makes for a good Friday.

I’ve been struggling with what to write on my blog since there are some personal things on work and life I’m dying to blog about…and then I remembered- this is a blog! So as I get over that and I continue to blog, I wanted to share such an AWESOME story I found on Facebook.

This young man, a college student studying business administration, works part time for a Dairy Queen in Minnesota. As he finished serving a visually impaired customer, he accidentally dropped $20 on his way out. The woman behind him scooped up the money so quick and threw it into her pocket.

Joey Prusak

But here’s the important part.

This young man actually told the woman to return the $20 when she wasn’t going to! She denied it was her’s and then finally, he told her that he could not serve her and to leave the store immediately.

WOW. Takes some guts right? In front of all those customers. But that’s not all…

He then took out his own wallet and told the man, on behalf of Diary Queen, they were going to return his $20. His story was published through Facebook and Reddit through another customer who was witnessing the event. She  contacted the store owner to commend him for his act. And for the employee’s $20? He didn’t even mention the confrontation to his parents! Hopefully Dairy Queen will reimburse him for that $20!

Now that..is a Friday story. Makes your heart melt for the good in people.

To watch his interview, please click here.

Original Source here.




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