The final steps to MCM with Project Purple

My final long run before MCM was Saturday. I wasn’t as vocal about this dry run as the last because of my lack of success I had. I was actually very embarrassed by the results:

October 3rd: 13 miles in…feeling good and then. 13.5- bonked. I started walking…and by mile 15 I couldn’t see straight. It was then that I sat down for 10 minutes on a bench, drank some more gatorade and then walked until 17. I gave up and called my friend Maggie to pick me up.

October 11th: With a grueling 60% humidity and 89 degrees on my iPhone, I was drenched by Mile 8. 13 miles in…I couldn’t stop thinking about how heavy my clothes felt. Then. 13.5- bonked. I started walking and at mile 14 I headed the house to change and then go back out. I already felt pretty bad and then, while changing, my entire leg cramped. Yep. That was it for me. I ran until 15.5 when the cramp wouldn’t stop.

All of this to say, I was defeated, angry, frustrated and just tired as hell.

I guess this is why they call it training right?

It was then that Erin reminded me of WHY. I forgot running a marathon isn’t something everyone does.  All this time, I was pushing and pushing and forgot; this isn’t a normal thing. This isn’t something you can wake up and do. This IS something you are doing for something, it takes work..and ALOT of it…to get to the finish line.

And then ironically, Sunday morning I found this:

I was perusing the internet and found Ashley’s story. A 26 year old survivor of Pancreatic Cancer, full of life and then taken away from her when the cancer came back. Sadly, I found her story after she passed but was so moved by her strength to keep fighting, just like my aunt.

I haven’t really spoken about my Aunt and her fight against Pancreatic Cancer. It’s still difficult sometimes to really reflect and understand why this happened to her. I was very angry for a while; I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t an answer or a cure. I couldn’t understand why we were coined the lucky ones because we had a year with her before she left us, compared to other families who only have 4-6 weeks.  I then started reading more and getting involved with Pancreatic Cancer Action Network; I realized how much work needed to be done to find a cure. (Currently, Pancreatic Cancer only has a 4% survival rate.)

Mary Jamie

This is all to say…I had some terrible months of training. Frustration and aggravation were probably the best way to sum it up. But then you see stories like Ashley’s and my aunt’s and you know how important it is to take what YOU have and make an impact.

I’m so proud to be running with Project Purple. I am EXTREMELY honored to run with my family by my side. And I’m so happy to be able to honor such an amazing woman and all of those who have lost their battle to pancreatic cancer.

So as I talk about confidence, health and happiness when I do blog, I’m going to be confident today, not hesitant and ask you, my readers, will you donate to help this cause?

I’m running 26.2 in two weeks with my family cheering me on and with one of the best teams I could ask for, my cousins Tim, Aedin and Matt, my brother Dan, my uncle Tom. I’m asking everyone to take  a stand and to make a difference with us. We need more people on our team and we need more awareness. These stories of fight are courageous and inspiring and WE can make a difference by having the opportunity to find these stories a happy ending.

So how can you be on our team?

  • Donate. Short and sweet. Project Purple is an organization which fundraises to provide more funds for Pancreatic Cancer research as well as education for families and patients affected by this cancer.
  • Share this post. The more reach we get, the better. If we start to spread awareness of Pancreatic Cancer and start showing more purple, we immediately win. National exposure is imperative to get more funding to find a cure.
  • Tell your friends. Just making awareness a viral story is important. Stories like Cancer Kickin’ Girl are great examples of stories we can tell our family and friends to bring more awareness.
  • Wear purple. If you don’ t have a purple shirt in your closet, I’ll give you 5 stores to go find one. Wearing purple shows YOUR awareness.

I want to thank everyone for these last 4 months. This journey has been an unbelievable one. As I taper and get my legs ready for MCM, I can’t stop reflecting on the beautiful support my friends, family and team have given me. But the ultimate beauty is the amount of support Project Purple has given to our family and team to help bring awareness to end Pancreatic Cancer.

Who knows what will happen in two weeks with the success I’ve had; but I sure as hell will fight as hard as I can to honor Mary, stories like Ashley’s and Project Purple.


For more information on Project Purple, click here.

For Ashley’s story, click here.

To donate to Project Purple and our team, click here.


5 thoughts on “The final steps to MCM with Project Purple

  1. Very well said !!!! It is not about making it over the finish line. Do your best. It is about the cause Mary and everyone is EXTREMELY proud of you !


  2. We are all very proud of all of the training and dedication that you and the entire team has showed. Mary would be so proud and she will be there cheering you on with the rest of the family. Good Luck!


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