#werundc Week 2 Half Marathon Training

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Golden Globes, NFL playoffs, premiere of Girls…and your weekend activities. (Obviously you can tell what we did this weekend!)

We were also very blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather on Saturday. (Sorry Northeast readers) It was odd to say it was such a beautiful day when just a week ago we were suffering from the polar vortex. Between running on the treadmill to keep warm in the gym (there is no heat) and then running in shorts and a t-shirt on Saturday, it’s been an interesting week!

Last week’s start to training went very well. I have to say, I was a chicken when it came to the weather. I have officially lost all of my northern blood. Just talking to friends and family about the cold up north made me even colder. No matter, I headed into my gym to complete my “warm-up” week.

Happy to say…I did okay!

Half Marathon Training Week1

This week, I have some new workouts.

Half Marathon Training 2


As I said before, I’m nervous about adding speed and fartlek training to my program. It’s always difficult to change your patterns, but we’ll see how it goes.

Also, I published my calendar here. You can check out my plan and my updates too!

Have a great week!



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