Friday Night Tabata Workout


Sorry..haven’t updated. The time flies when you are working on…many things.

This Saturday morning I am sitting here in the fogginess of Austin, confused about the weather and ultimately excited about getting my hair done AND running this afternoon. I decided to wait until this afternoon to get that sunny 70 degree weather run in. And…it was nice to sleep in.

Last night I may have had a few too many margaritas, but it was well worth it after a workout with a dear friend. She has allowed me to create a workout for her and I am very excited to share. It really made me miss Tabata so much.

I’ve posted about Tabata before, especially when I was teaching it, but as a reminder Tabata is a high endurance cardio workout to burn calories FAST. Lots of work in a little bit of time with small rest periods..that’s your key.

We ran through a beginner’s tabata which is a bit different than a regular tabata workout. We themed it Olympic style. 🙂 My beginner’s tabata definition may be different than others as a disclaimer. We decided to run through 4 cycles of exercises and rest for a minute instead of 8 different exercises then continuing with a minute rest. We will build up to it as we progress. (Again, my disclaimer :))

Tabata Workout:

Cycles: 4

Tabatas: 8

Work: 20 Seconds

Rest: 10 Seconds

Prepare: 1:00

Exercise 1: Jumping Jacks

Exercise 2: Mountain Climbers

Exercise 3: Jump Squats

Exercise 4: Side to Side Skis

This workout was a total of 24 minutes (with a 5 minute warmup) which came to a nice 30 minute workout before margaritas! 🙂

Ps: I tried to do a cool photoshop template to share on Pinterest..I’ll get there. Someday 🙂

Happy Saturday!


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