Friends stick together…and pick better profile pictures.

Since I’ve started on it’s been an adventure. Match has changed a bit and is now including many more different features for you as a member.

I figured I would start normally with the simple profile and see how this had attracted some interest. Here was my experiment:

For one week, I didn’t change my profile. I kept the pictures which I thought were attractive on for 7 days.

I was thrown into this experiment when I was showing my friends my profile. My friends were over for a pool day and they immediately went into meltdown mode about my profile.

Their specific rules were:

  1. You should never have a group of people in your profile pictures. (This makes sense, but I only had one…)
  2. You should have individual photos of yourself and try not to include repetitive friends. (I guess I didn’t think about this but it did look like I was dating my friends instead of me being me.)
  3. Make sure to include pictures of “me being me.”

Here were the pictures I selected:

Here’s what my friends selected for me:

I was pretty surprised by my friend’s choices. I would have never selected these photos for myself. Especially the one where I’m a blonde and the other where I’m sitting with Phin looking like I’m smiling from my right ear to my left (ugh).
Here’s what I learned:

Statistically, I received 65% more engagement on my profile than I did without their help…in less than 2 days.


I received more messages, likes and winks because my friends chose my profile pictures rather than me.

This means that:

  1. You should trust your friend’s judgements when it comes to photos.
  2. Group photos, any of them, are worthless and will result in a quick swipe….(not the good kind of swipe)
  3. You will always have a type of perception about yourself which is different than how your friends portray yourself- trust them (and refer back to number one)
  4. If you are like me, pictures which may look a bit odd actually show your true personality. I can’t say that I’m happy about the pictures on my profile, but I do feel better because my friends know me very well and know these profiles are me.
  5. 21 pictures are not necessary, 8-10 pictures are. My friends gave me a good variety of “pretty” pictures to fun pictures about myself. It made me feel like I’m being more real about who I am.

For those literal people:

  1. Don’t add any group photos, period.
  2. Crop people out. They won’t be offended…and if they are it is probably time to think about whey they may be offended?
  3. Choose a fun photo, one of you doing something- it shows you are well rounded.
  4. Don’t worry too much about hair color, I did, and it’s not worth the stress
  5. The line starts to get blurry here and the weird pictures come out. Therefore, use best judgement.
  6. When in doubt, check with friends.

Has anyone else tried this? What have your friends selected as pictures?  The next step for me is selecting new pictures by my guy friends. Stay tuned!

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