The Top 5 Pieces of Advice From Friends to Dating Online

After almost a month of dating online and Summer Squeeze, I figured it would be fun to share some of the advice I’ve received after sharing with people my blog and my objective. Some of the advice is actually pretty funny:

#1 -Don’t do it. 

Hm. Helpful. And somedays I think it would be advice well taken. But I mean, I’ve met a ballet dancer.

#2 – Date them all, sleep with none, thank you for the gifts. 

Always good to be safe, I agree! The emphasis, however, is always in the emojis.


# 3- Only swipe right if they have boat pictures 

I do like boats. And why not plan an adorable and romantic date on HIS boat?

#4 – Say yes to everyone. 

I’m not sure about this advice yet, but if it gets to this point I will definitely attempt. I can understand why she gave me this advice. It’s only to widen the net and provide more opportunities to meet people.

#5- You do You.

Simply said, and absolutely spot on. I really feel like this has been an enjoyable experience and anyone who is curious about online dating should really try it. Do you know that 25% of people in the US are now meeting online. It’s the World we’re in, so why not join?



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