Finding that love for running again

Ahh…Labor day.

I’m sitting on my couch enjoying the sound of the rain and after a year and a half, it seems fitting to write a post. I’ve recently been reading up on some other fitness blogs and they have really started to get me motivated and back into writing.

Yesterday, I went on a long run for me. 5 Miles. It was great to get out there and see the trail I’ve pounded for 5 years after a full summer of no long runs. It seemed ironic yesterday was the “last” day of summer” that I was running, but it still felt great to get out there.

Since May, I’ve been struggling with a hip injury. Although I did go see a doctor, their recommendation of rest and ice has not seemed to help. Since I’ve decided to run the Army 10 miler,  I figure it’s probably best to get a move on. Really I’m looking to find some inspiration in running again. It’s been a while since I’ve really trained and I’m looking to find what I loved so much for so long- running.

In order to make sure I wasn’t going to be suffering throughout the entire run, I did a pre-run stretch on the Peloton App.  I believe it was THE THING that made my run positive.

I’ve recently fallen in love with the Peloton Digital App. The Peloton App is not just spinning anymore. They have a variety of outdoor running, Bootcamp and stretching on the app. During most of the Bootcamp workouts, you’ll hear the instructors telling you to take care of your body with stretching. The stretching workouts are good ones because they tell you what to do. I believe it’s important to have someone tell you what to do with stretching and forces you to do the stretching time. They sold me!

The run itself was a low-performance run. I really wanted to enjoy my Sunday coffee so I didn’t get out to the trail until 11:30 AM. In Austin, Texas, this means you are running in 95-degree weather. I regret this decision and will remind myself for next week’s long run to get up to enjoy the coffee later.

I’ve also been a bit finicky about the choices of music. Peloton does a great job of building awesome playlists and I obviously am not a DJ so finding a good playlist has always been tough for me. I looked up a playlist under “spinning” and found a coaches playlist which was pumping music (old and new music). I highly recommend it if you aren’t sure what to listen to.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 2.39.35 PM

After finishing my run, I took another 10 minute post-run stretch with Peloton and was on my way to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. It felt great to feel tired and feel pushed. Even as the last two miles were brutally hot and 30 – 45-second interval runs the entire time, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time: wanting to do some more running.

I’m not sure what spiked the excitement. It could be the very methodical research I did for my music or the lack of startup pain in my joints by stretching and warming up before the run. No matter, it reminded me why we all run.

Let’s hope that motivation continues tomorrow morning.

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