Mint, Chocolate and a Popsicle for 25 Calories.

oh my heaven. Okay…so on vacation I had too many brownies and cookies.  (It’s vacation right? And we are Chocolate Covered Crunches…) So I found this AMAZING website called Chocolate Covered Katie (How fitting right?) Mint Chocolate Covered Fudge Pops.…yep. Some of these ingredients I couldn’t find so I chose differently depending on the item.… Read More Mint, Chocolate and a Popsicle for 25 Calories.


I was on Facebook the other day and noticed on someone’s wall that they commented on the shock on how many calories a banana has. According to Livestrong, a small banana between 6 inches and 6 7/8 inches contains about 90 calories, 0.33 g of fat and 23.1 g of carbohydrates. 90 calories is not bad…yes,… Read More Bananas!