What is Cross Fit?

At dinner this past weekend there was a discussion about what crossfit was and there was a lot of definitions thrown out there. I’ve known about it since I (barely) survived the burpee challenge…No matter what there was one consensus- crossfit is crazy.   To set the record straight, here’s a definition:  Crossfit describes its strength… Read More What is Cross Fit?

The Busy (But Super) Woman Session- Day 2

The Busy (But Super) Woman Session- Day 2Pita Pizzas!! These are just too easy NOT to do when you have a busy lifestyle. What you need: 1- Pitas2- Olive Oil 3- Tomatoes4- Italian Seasoning5- Mozzarella Cheese Here’s how to set it up: 1- Pre heat the over at 350 Degrees2- Take the Pita and add a teaspoon of olive oil (Spread around the pita) 3-… Read More The Busy (But Super) Woman Session- Day 2